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Course Schedule




Week One


Day One


Day Two


Week Two


Day Three


Day Four


Week Three

[09/15, 09/17]


Building/Workshopping Project One


Day Five 



Day Six (rough draft workshop; see also pages on Keeping Introductions Concise and Specific and Identifying Genres Successfully 



Week Four

[09/22, 09/24]


Finishing Project One



  • Final draft of Project One due to the wiki before 11:59 PM, 9/22/14



Week Five

[09/29, 10/01]

Making Ends Meet

Support Paragraphs



Week Six

[10/06, 10/08]



Week Seven

[10/13, 10/15]


Public Debate (Thunderdome I)


Project Two: The Rhetorical Analysis

Three Step Process for Writing Rhetorical Analyses




Week Eight

[10/20, 10/22]


Project Two: Context vs Content Analysis

Drafting Project Two:





Completing Project Two/Starting Project Three




  • Rough Drafts of Project Two due to your personal page by 11:59 PM, Wednesday, 10/22; after you've uploaded and/or linked your draft to your personal page, drop a link to your personal page on the Project Two Storage Bin page (see the Submitting Project Two notes above for details)

  • Response 4


Week Nine

[10/27, 10/29]


Genre Critique:






Week Ten



Writing Project Three: The Genre Critique



  Read (or watch, or whatever) for class on 11/5:    


            1. Restaurant Menu


            2. One restaurant review (http://www.nytimes.com/2012/11/14/dining/reviews/restaurant-review-guys-american-kitchen-bar-in-times-square.html?pagewanted=all)


            3. One newspaper op. ed. piece.(http://www.nytimes.com/2014/11/02/opinion/sunday/a-natural-fix-for-adhd.html?partner=rssnyt&emc=rss&_r=0)


            4. One Ted Talk (http://www.ted.com/talks/ramsey_musallam_3_rules_to_spark_learning)


            5. Syllabus




More Genre Critique




Week Eleven




  • Rough Draft of Project Three





Week Twelve

Finishing Project Three/Writing Project Four




Research Methods in the UGL with Judith Arnold!



  • Final Draft of Project Three





Proposal Arguments: In-Class Assignment


Project Three Reflection Due


 For Monday: Read "Let's Make it a Real Melting Pot" (207-11, TWW)


Weeks Thirteen & Fourteen






Project Four Rough Drafts Due by 11:59 PM

Reviewing Project Five: The Reflective Portfolio 


Project Four Rough Draft Workshop





Project Four Due on Wednesday, 12/03 by 11:59 PM


Week Fifteen


Project Four Reflection




Reflective Portfolios Due on Wednesday, 12/10 by 11:59 PM  



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