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Alex Fiddes

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Response Six


  1.  Authors, Michele Barry and Lawrence Gostin, suggest creating a Global Health Workforce Reserve.
  2.  This proposal prioritizes the solution by forming a group to work in underdeveloped and low-resource nations. This focuses on stopping Ebola, but also has the possibly of preventing other epidemics in areas that do not have strong healthcare.
  3.  Most of the audience knows that Ebola started to spread through countries with little to no healthcare.  Also, for the most part, they know that Ebola can only be transmitted through contact with bodily fluids. However, there is an increasing amount of people starting to worry that Ebola will spread to the Western side of the world.
  4.  The stasis issue cause-consequence was used. The proposal was forming a Global Health Workforce Reserve where trained physicians and nurses would enlist for a period of time working in low-resource areas. Forming this workforce would hopefully decrease the spread of outbreaks in underdeveloped countries.
  5.  The authors do a fine job identifying the positive and negative consequences of the proposal. The positive consequences are that creating this health workforce would offer a rapid response to outbreaks in underdeveloped countries. The author mentions that Ebola spread because there was no Global Health Workforce Reserve. Not creating one may cause other outbreaks to spread.
  6.  The authors use a good proposal that can be backed by strong arguments that use statistics/facts.








Project Two Rough Draft - Alex Fiddes 



Merriam Webster defines a meme as, “an idea, behavior, style or usage that spreads from person to person.” Memes have become extremely popular and social media sites such as, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, etc. have played a big part in why they are so popular. Memes can be placed into different genres and can cater to many different people. For example the meme, “Forever Alone,” can relate to anyone who has ever felt lonely or disappointed with their life. Memes allow us to combine things such as creativity, art, humor and messages.

Paragraph 1:

  1.         i.            Explanation on how memes were originated, how far they’ve come. 
  2.       ii.            Internet meme as a genre 
    1. a.       Explain how humor is used.
    2. b.      Text on top is usually something good, then bottom is usually a twist.
    3. c.       Very popular , found throughout social media
    4.       iii.            A type of internet meme as a subgenre
      1. a.       My meme is the Forever Alone meme. This meme is intended for an individual who will never have a boyfriend/girlfriend, get married and most likely spend their time on the internet. (The basics of fear and loneliness)
      2. b.      Crying Wolf (Pay attention to me)
      3. c.       Depression
      4.      iv.            The meme you created
        1. a.       Meme makes fun of people lonely or depressed.
        2. b.      Bottom text shows a twist.
        3. c.       Found throughout social media
    5.  Memes have come a long way and we can thank social media sites for making them so popular. There are so many different genres that can relate to many different types of people. 


Forever Alone - Switches schools No one notices


Alexandra Fiddes


English 1020

Meme Mania

            Merriam Webster defines a meme as, “an idea, behavior, style or usage that spreads from person to person.” Memes have become extremely popular and social media sites such as, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, etc. have played a big part in why they are so popular. Memes can be placed into different genres and can cater to many different people. For example the meme, “Forever Alone,” can relate to anyone who has ever felt lonely or disappointed with their life. Memes allow us to combine things such as creativity, art, humor and messages. I will be able to explore what an internet meme is, one of its subgenres and explain why my own creation of a forever alone meme fits the description of a meme.

            There are an infinite amount of memes in the world. They all have different images, purposes and popularity. However, they all have certain components that are the same throughout each meme. A meme can take form of an image, hyperlink, video, picture, website or hashtag. Most take the form of images/pictures and include white bold text. This white bold text is placed on the top of the image and the bottom and usually not any longer than a few words. Memes started at sites such as 4chan, reddit, 9gage, meme center, etc. Once the meme was introduced into these sites they showed up at various social media sites. As memes became more and more popular sub-genres appeared.

            A sub-genre is a subcategory within a particular genre. For example, the Bad Luck Brian is a sub-genre of memes which relate to individuals who have bad luck. The sub-genre I chose to focus on was the meme Forever Alone. One of the characteristics of this meme which is different from the others is the image. The image is an exploitable rage comic character. The meme is used to express loneliness and disappointment with life. Another characteristic is how humor is used. The top line is usually something simple “Gets asked out on a date,” “I have imaginary friends,” “being unattractive is just playing the dating game.” The bottom line always has a twist for example, “I have imaginary friends, but they only talk to each other,” “Get asked out on a date, on February 31st,” “Being unattractive is just playing the dating game, on hard mode.” The last characteristic is some can relate to these Forever Alone memes. As I said earlier, the meme is about loneliness and disappointment with life and many of us can relate to that.

             Above is the meme I created which is supposed to mimic one of the Forever Alone memes. The meme has the first characteristic which is the image. The bottom sentence is a twist, “Switches schools, No one notices.” Another characteristic was humor. The text takes something that should make you feel lonely and makes fun of it. Lastly, this meme could relate to some. It personally related to me because I had just moved schools this past year. My meme also had all of the characteristics of a meme in general (White bold text, top and bottom and an image.)

            In conclusion, a meme is basically just a picture or series of pictures with a set of bold white text on top and bottom. Often they are humorous and relatable like the “Forever Alone” meme and “Bad Luck Brian” Meme. Memes have become quite popular over the internet. It has allowed some people to express their opinions and creative sides. Creating my own version of the Forever Alone meme allowed me to understand that memes can easily be created and replicated if they have certain characteristics.


Third Response


          “The War on Drugs” is a controversial issue. Author of Don’t Legalize Drugs, Theodore Dalrymple and author of Drugs, Gore Vidal both argue their opinions through their articles on whether drugs should or shouldn’t be legalized.

          Gore Vidal’s article “Drugs” advocates for the legalization of drugs. If the government were to legalize drugs, a description and side effects of the drug must be presented to consumers. Vidal proposes that if people were aware of the negative side effects then they may be more cautious on using drugs. Vidal talks about his personal experiences with drugs in the past, “For the record, I have tried - once - almost every drug and liked none, disproving the popular Fu Manchu theory that a single whiff of opium will enslave the mind. Nevertheless many drugs are bad for certain people to take and they should be told why in a sensible way.” An argument opposing legalizing drugs would be that just trying a drug once can make you addicted. Vidal uses his own personal experience to refute that argument. Vidal uses a Definitional/categorical stasis procedure when he says, “Is everyone reasonably sane? No.” This causes a disagreement because not everyone will agree with his assumption that everyone is not sane.

          Vidal uses pathos throughout his article. He uses pathos when talking about the supply of Mexican marijuana that was curtailed by Feds. Because of this pushers hooked children on heroin and deaths increased.

          Dalrymple’s article, Don’t Legalize Drugs, advocates for keeping drugs illegal. In the theoretical portion of the argument he argues that taking drugs is not protected under one’s rights because it can do damage to those around the drug user. In Darlymple’s second part of his response he believes that legalizing drugs will raise crime rates unlike Vidal who thinks crime rates would decrease. Dalrymple argues that in countries where drugs are legal crime is rising, “Amsterdam, where access to drugs is relatively unproblematic, is among the most violent and squalid cities in Europe. The idea behind crime—of getting rich, or at least richer, quickly and without much effort.” (Rhetorical Technique) Also, Dalrymple believes that drug abuse is not a disease, but it is the drug users own fault.

          Both articles have strong arguments for and against the legalization of drugs. They persuade their audience through the use of rhetorical skills (Ethos/pathos/logos, statis procedures). I believe both had strong arguments and a key factor in both articles was that they responded to the other sides argument and refuted it.


Response 4


     Why do we love the thrill of being scared, terrified? Why do we love seeing others scared, terrified? Why do we pay money to go to the movies and terrify ourselves? Stephen King in his article, “Why We Crave Horror Movies” argues that all of us are insane, some more than others, but all of us have strange or weird habits. We all have fears, fears of clowns, killers, snakes, spiders, heights, etc. So, the question is then why do we pay our hard earned money to watch a horror movie that consists of everything we fear? King states in his article that we do this “to show that we can, that we are not afraid.” King will further deliver his point throughout his article by using ethos, pathos, logos and other rhetorical devices.

     The first argument King makes is that we are all mentally ill. Why? Because of the strange habits we have. King states “We’ve all known people who talk to themselves, people who sometimes squinch their faces into horrible faces when no one is watching, people who have some hysterical fear...” King believes that this is natural that we all have evil inside us. He explains that maybe the evil inside us is the reason why we watch scary movies. We scare ourselves “to show we can” and “to show we are not afraid.”

     Another argument he makes is that if all of us are mentally ill, then sanity becomes “a matter of degree”. Our insanity drives us to do different things. Some of our insanity makes us pick our nose, talk toy yourself because of stress and we are left alone. However, others insanity may cause them to carve up women for example like Jack the Ripper or Cleveland Torso Murderer. Insanity comes in all different degrees and if insanity drives you to do terrible things then there’s consequences and you’re punished. However, if it drives you to like I said pick your nose then society will for the most part leave you alone.

     King’s writing is concise, strong and informative, but appeals to a certain type of audience. Not everyone is as fascinated by horror films, roller coasters, murderers and things that we fear like King. So, his article is more towards those who enjoy inquiring more information about horror.

     Throughout King’s article he establishes ethos by trying to relate to the audience. The top method he uses to relate to his audience is by using “we” and “we’re.” This allows the reader to easier relate with King. For example, “We’re all mentally ill… we’ve all know people… we pay our 4 or 5 bucks…” King builds his relationship with the audience by continuing to use “we” allowing the readers to relate to his viewpoints.

     King establishes pathos by saying “the potential lyncher is in almost all of us”. Meaning that Jack the Ripper and the Cleveland Torso Murderer are not at fault. All of us need to now and then “let loose to scream and roll around in the grass.” King somewhat feels pity because as he states our emotions and fears drive what we do. We applaud love, friendship, loyalty, kindness and anything that is the opposite of that is looked down upon.

     Stephen King is probably the most renowned horror author of our time. King has published fifty-five novels, 6 nonfiction books and about 200 short stories. He has received many awards such as the, Bram Stoker Awards, World Fantasy Awards, British Fantasy Society Awards, medal for distinguished contribution to American Letters and much more. His vast knowledge on horror is shown throughout his novels and especially this article and that is why he is more than credible to have written this article.





Comments (4)

Alexandra Fiddes said

at 9:16 pm on Sep 21, 2014

To find my paper go to pages and files on top then click all files and mine is under First Rough Draft doc. Sorry I meant to change it to my name

Jaspreet Mondair said

at 3:28 pm on Sep 22, 2014

1. I will be able to explore what an internet meme is, one of its subgenres and explain why my own creation of a forever alone meme fits the description of a meme.
2. it does have a solid purpose because it clearly states it will explore a meme and their own meme and the subgenre
3. transitions could be a little better and should try to make the essay flow better
4. arguments were good and didnt seem to jump to conclusions
5. Images and examples are the strongest part of the paper
6. weakest point is the transitions
7.They did convince me that they have the knowledge of genre
8. i believe it is well written but sometimes wordy
9.i would give this paper an a- or a b+ as it is

john walters said

at 3:32 pm on Sep 22, 2014

The thesis, although slightly unclear, is the analysis of how memes provide their message in general and specific. The purpose is clearly stated that memes are defined by their proponents. The flow of the essay could definitely be improved, It feels much like a combination of several points. However, all points of the argument feel validly warranted. The strongest point, I feel, is your description of sub genres while I feel the weakest is the continuity of you points for the synthesis of a concrete analysis. It is clear that the author understands the meme, but it is not clearly presented, the analysis of the meme. On the syntax, I feel their are several parts that could be smoothed out. In final; B-

Abigail Landskroener said

at 2:53 pm on Sep 23, 2014

1) I will be able to explore what an internet meme is, one of its subgenres and explain why my own creation of a forever alone meme fits the description of a meme. (Thesis)
2) Its purpose is to explain to us that she is going to mainly explain memes and what they are throughout the paper.
3) The essay flows nicely, some paragraphs could be combined because the information is the same but it still flows. The only problem is the conclusion seems a little rushed.
4)No the writer took a good position on this subject and had examples to back her up
5)The strongest part is the first sentence in your second paragraph. Maybe look at using it as your opening instead.
6)The weakest part is the conclusion. It just feels rushed and like your throwing last minute information at us because you have no where else to put it. The conclusion is suppose to be a recap and not really have and new information introduced because it'll come off as rushed or out of place.
7)Yes they know what it is and give extra examples of genres and sub-genres
8) I mean the word meme is used a lot but then again it's the topic of the paper but maybe see if you can replace it a couple times.

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