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Genigeski Project 4 Rough Draft


Project Three Rough Draft Genigeski


Genigeski Project 2 Final Draft


Genigeski Fourth Response


"Why We Crave Horror Movies Outline"

Arguments-     We are all mentally ill

                        To show that we can/ not afraid

                         Re-establish our feelings of essential normality

                        To have fun

                         Psychic Relief

                         Keep anti-civilization emotions alive

Thesis-          To persuade/ Enlighten the reader on why exactly it is that we love to see horror films/ be frightened.


Evidence-          Essential Normality: "No matter how far we may be removed from the beauty of Robert Redford or a Diana Ross, we are still light-years away from true ugliness"

                         Fun:      "The fun comes from seeing others menaced- sometimes killed"

                                      "...and to become a child again, seeing things in pure black and white"

                         Psychic Relief: "...because this invitation to lapse into simplicity, irrationality and even outright madness is extended is extended so rarely."

                         Job to do:  "...deliberately appeals to all that is worst in us."

Situation-          Low-level diction. Very informal. Almost face-to-face conversation. Creates a new relationship between the reader and author. Includes himself as well as the audience in the article for a close bond.


Audience-          Horror enthusiasts or Stephen King fans. Appeals mainly to younger readers as he states that the older folk lose appetite for such thrills.

Ethos-               Credible due to him being the most world renowned horror enthusiast and novelist

Pathos-               King's means of persuasion include his inclusion of the reader into the article

Logos-               King's article is appealing to the audience in a logical manner for the reason that most people actually want the answer to the question: "Why do I enjoy being frightened?"


Project Two Rough Draft



Third Response:

To Shoot Up, Or Not to Shoot Up

          Intoxication is definitely one thing that we, as a human race, may not be able to abolish in any form, so what do we do? In terms of alcohol, strict legal restrictions apply to the consumption an age of users; but what about the use of other intoxicants, such as narcotics and stimulant drugs? We have been fighting the battle of regulating these drugs as long as they have been known to man. There are two choices to debate on this manner: to legalize or to not legalize. Both choices are still, after countless years, being debated as it seems we will never have a clear answer.

            Let’s start with the choice of legalizing the use of drugs. In the article, “Drugs”, written by Gore Vidal, arguments are made that the standard use of drugs should be legalized and made available even more so to the public. But like, alcohol use, strict regulations must be made. This article is short, sweet, and straight to the point; however that comes at a cost to the reader. Most questions are left unanswered in the vague argument by Gore. 

            Gore seems to just fall short in persuading readers of this article that we must legalize the use of drugs. Personal experience and research are huge factors that may be persuasive but the only information that we receive from him is that he has, at least once, tried almost every drug. Where is your research, Gore? Your notes? Your citations from other sources to help with your argument? The only real plan of action in this article is to, “Simply make all drugs available and sell them at cost. Label each drug with a precise description of what effect - good and bad - the drug will have on the taker”, as Gore says. Personally I don’t believe there is enough information there to really persuade the public. The rest of the article bashes of the Government and throws the blame onto it.

            I am not sure if it’s just me, but this article seems to be lacking so much information, credible sources, and appeal to the reader/ how is this relatable to me?

           Another article, title, “Don’t Legalize Drugs” written by Theodore Dalrymple, counters the argument Gore attempts to make throughout his article. Dalrymple starts off right off the bat with a rebuttle for the arguments made by those in favor of legalizing drugs. This is a good method to begin with, showing why it is not a good method to legalize the use of drugs. Throughout Dalrymple’s article, he is constantly pointing out holes in the philosophical arguments of legalization as well as the pragmatic, or sensible, side of the argument. Dalrymple goes into much detail and the high diction seems to give a certain assumption that the author is credible and worthy of reading and/or citing. Dalrymple spend most oh his article stating why the opposing argument is the worst choice of the two. Rhetorically, it is a good way to persuade. Both articles have their certain set of rhetorical strategies used to persuade their own audiences.








     Disneyland: A place of fantasy and make believe, bustling with wonder and colorful attractions; every child's dream destination. Every child except for one, that is. 'Side-Eyeing Chloe" has become an internet sensation since 2013 when a pair of parents documented their two little girls in the car, skipping school and suggesting they would rather go to Disneyland for a three day period. One girl is extremely excited and grateful, bursting into tears and thanks her mommy. The camera pans over to the slightly smaller Chloe, who gives a vacant, side-eyeing stare that just gives me the heebie-jeebies. The face she gives, instantly spread across the internet, going viral and is now being photoshopped onto every face it can be. This is a good example that not all memes have to be a still image with bold white text implanted into the image. Today and today only, we step inside of a world known by the folk who spend slightly too much time on the internet. The world of... memes.


1. Intro: 


2.     Analysis of what it "memes" to be a meme.

               A. General definition

               B. The typical meme layout is a few words in bold-faced white text on the top, and a subsequent few words on the bottom of a photo.

                         i. the photo may be of many subjects. It is typical for the captioned photo to be humurous, a drawing, a celebrity, an animal, or a screenshot of a media

               C. Memes may take on other formats that may be less common, such as a GIF.


3.     Analysis of my specific meme.

               A. General overview of the meme and describing it.

               B. Background information and knowledge of Side Eyeing Chloe


4.     Genre of memes/ Where does "Side Eyeing Chloe fall?

               A. Memes are literally everywhere on the internet now-a-days.

                         i. list of different memes

                         ii. list of different types

                                   a. list different memes that fall into each catergory.

               B. Example

                         i. specific meme and the genre it falls in

                                   a. analysis of what it takes to be part of that genre.

                         i. 2nd example of a specific meme.

                                   a. analysis of what it takes to be part of that genre.


5.     My created meme.

               A. Description of the aesthetics of my meme

                         i. describes the text/ photo/ background (imagery)

               B. Genre

                         i. description of the genre and where it falls

                         ii. what characteristics are similar to other memes that fall in the genre.


My Created Meme:


The Adventures of Memetastic Chloe and the Ripened Fruit of Gold


     What is a meme, you may ask? Well, as defined… Wait, that’s not such an easy question to answer. It’s much more than a text, image, video, gif, etc… that may be humorous or spreads ideas. These memes have infested the internet and social media sites such as, instagram, twitter, facebook, and many others. Generally, a meme may dig far deeper than that which contains: text, an image, a pun, humor, sarcasm, all of the above or even more; such a surface definition for such a deep topic. We must now delve into the vast and overwhelming world of the internet in search of memes. To break down a meme, we must split it into genres/ sub-genres. In this adventure you (the audience) and I (me) are about to experience, we will categorize memes and determine whether one meme fits into a certain genre. “Side-Eyeing Chloe” watches and waits with her condescending glare as I write this paper determining where she belongs in the meme world. 

     Before we jump into the “Side-Eyeing Chloe” meme, we must determine what a general meme may consist of. There are infinite amounts of memes, for a meme is defined, by some, very vaguely, consisting of a humorous type of media relaying a message of some sort. Yet still, a meme must have a certain set of characteristics to be considered an actual “meme”. When one thinks of the standard (and most popular) meme, what comes to mind? Most memes consist of a photo as the center of attention. This photo may be captioned with a two-lined saying, one line above, and the second line below the image. The first line is typically the setup for a joke, or a humorous caption. The second line usually contains the punch line, or wraps up the joke.  Another photo may be laid in the background, such as a pinwheel of colors in most cases. Not all may be humorous, though that is generally the goal of most memes. Most memes are classified as these two-lined memes such as “Philosoraptor”, “Successful Black Man”, “Bad Luck Brian”, “Anti-Joke Chicken”, and many others. 

     Now that we've characterized the typical meme, we can look at other less common memes. The most accurate definition of a meme (in my opinion) states that "a meme may be an idea, belief or belief system, or pattern of behavior that spreads throughout a culture either vertically by cultural inheritance (as by parents to children) or horizontally by cultural acquisition (as by peers, information media, and entertainment media)" (Urban Dictionary). Through this definition, we may widen the characteristics of a meme to something like a popular video. A video may be defined as a media used to spread an idea/ belief to the public. There are many memes that are taken from videos, either from the internet or from film/television, which are converted into gif files for easy posting and viewing with smaller files. This makes it much easier to spread this certain object throughout the web. 

     Chloe was just a little girl when her life spiraled out of control and is now an A-list celebrity (not in reality). In 2013, little Chloe's parents filmed her and her older sister in the back of their car. The two relatively small children were under the impression that they were going to school that day, that is, until the car wheeled itself on passed the school. The girls were informed that they were not going to school, instead, they were headed on their way to a three day stay at the place of fantasy and make believe, bustling with wonder and colorful attractions; every child's dream destination: Disneyland. The older girl-child breaks down into a happy fit of tears, gratefully thanking her mommy for this wonderful adventure they are about to set forth on. The camera pans over to the left, Chloe glares at her older sister with a look so deafening that the whole world freezes and repeats what Chloe says in her mind: "Can you fucking not?" The video took the world by storm and poor little Chloe's face is now the reaction to every ridiculous saying or thought that one just simply cannot stand.

     The "Side-Eyeing Chloe" meme is an excellent example of how far the idea of what it is to be a meme can go? It's simply a video. But this video was converted into a reactionary gif showing Chloe's face. Gif sets are a complete category of memes themselves, showing snippets of video footage. But Chloe's famous meme goes so much further than that. A still image of her glaring faced toothy frown was taken and it is a popular fashion to photoshop the Chloe's face onto other images, in humorous or satirical ways. Her face spread onto celebrities more rapidly than a sudden onset breakout of herpes. This takes the "Side-Eyeing Chloe" meme and splits her right into two different categories of memes: video, and photoshop manipulation.

     In conclusion, memes are not only images, but can span to many many different forms of media including video, beliefs, religion, ideas, images and much much more. Each meme we come across is set into it's own category respectfully. Memes are not just for entertainment, they are used to spread messages throughout the world with concise and direct wording/phrasing or images/videos. One day, memes will inherit more than just the internet; the world.



Comments (1)

Mustapha Badjie said

at 2:50 pm on Sep 24, 2014

1. In this adventure you (the audience) and I (me) are about to experience, we will categorize memes and determine whether one meme fits into a certain genre.
2. Yes, to explain to an audience that this meme is a sub-genre of other memes.
3. It follows a chronological structure.
4. Very unbiased, and conclusions were fair.
5. The breakdown of the meme itself.
6. Does not explain other memes in-depth.
7. Yes
8. It is well written.
9. I would give it a A- or B+.

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