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Structure Template for Project One (redirected from Structure Template for Project OneStructure Template for Project One)

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Structure Template for Project One




Structure Template for Project One



Perhaps, as you start to put things together in advance of Wednesday's deadline for the rough draft of Project One, you having some trouble coming up with ways to organize everything you want to say about the meme (sub)genre you're focusing on in your essay. In other words, while you know that some items are required/recommended for achieving the goals of this project--that you identify how memes are genres, that you show how your meme has genre conventions that apply to all Internet memes as well as ones that apply only to that particular type of meme you're focusing on--it might be difficult to figure out what order or arrangement to use in presenting all of this information.


While there's certainly more than one possible way you might successfully arrange all of these different points, here's one possible outline of how you might sequence the different topics you should be engaging in this project, paragraph by paragraph.


The Internet Meme as a Genre


1. Introduction that provides you with a jumping off point for considering the genre conventions of memes


2. A description of a general characteristic of all memes and how the subgenre  of meme you're focusing on here demonstrates it


3. 2nd general characteristic


4. 3rd general characteristic


A Type of Internet Meme as a Subgenre


5.  A description of a characteristic that is exclusive to the subgenre of meme that you are focusing on (or of a smaller group of memes that your subgenre is a part of).  


6. 2nd subgenre characteristic


7. 3rd subgenre characteristic


The Meme You Created


8. How your meme demonstrates the 1st subgenre characteristic


9. How your meme demonstrates the 2nd subgenre characteristic


10. How your meme demonstrates the 3rd subgenre characteristic


11. Conclusion (see here for some solid concluding paragraph strategies)

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