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The Stasis Procedures (redirected from The Stasis ProceduresStasis Procedures)

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The Stasis Procedures




The Stasis Procedures




The Stasis Procedures


Definitional/Categorial: Is X a Y?

Disagreement over the nature of a thing or its inclusion in a category (occurs when one disagrees over the definition of either X or Y)


Evaluative (Quality/Value): Is X good or bad? Is X a good or bad Y?

Disagreement over values, importance, or worthiness

  • Were the federal "bank bailouts" a good idea?
  • Are wikis an appropriate tool for classroom use?


Resemblance (Fact/Conjecture): Is X like Y?

  • Is Internet addiction like drug addiction?
  • Is the Iraq war like the Vietnam war?


Cause/Consequence Will X cause Y? Is X caused by Y?

  • Will decriminalizing marijuana reduce crime?
  • Will raising the minimum wage increase unemployment?


Proposal (Policy): Should we (not) do X? 

  • Should gay marriage be legalized?
  • Should teenage murder defendants be tried as adults?


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