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Response 4

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Response Four




For your fourth response (10 points) you will need to read Stephen King's essay, "Why We Crave Horror Movies," and write a rhetorical analysis (one page single-spaced) with an outline (which you should do before you write the analysis).

For the Outline:

- Identify the arguments - remember there can be more than one

- Identify the thesis (what you take to be the main argument/claim)

- Identify evidence

- Analyze evidence (I expect, in your outline, two to three quotations from the text to be used as evidence and then a short analysis of what those quotes mean)

- Identify the situation (Situation: [Insert here])

- Identify Audience and support your audience choice

- How is Ethos being used in the argument? (support your claim - i.e. provide a piece of evidence and analysis)

- How is Pathos being used in the argument (support your claim)

- How is Logos being used in the argument (support your claim)


Using the information you've collected from your created outline write a short rhetorical analysis (one page single-spaced).

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