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Fourth Response - Why We Crave Horror Movies

Page history last edited by Lakshmi Nerusu 9 years, 8 months ago


In Steven King's Why We Crave Horror Movies, King proposes that there’s a little, but measurable, amount of evil in all of us. Saying that this is okay and natural, King discusses that we breed our own evil in us. By watching scary movies, such as Annabelle, a movie in which a violent doll threatens humans, we all project ourselves onto the main character and imagine the demonic character to be ourselves. King speaks to our rationale by explaining his own logic. Through exemplifying logos in his arguments, he makes the readers think seriously about the kind of humans we all are. He says, “a peculiar sort of fun…comes from seeing others menaced.” This sentence shows that we as humans enjoy seeing others scared, threatened, and even murdered. King says that although we are rationalizing watching movies by saying that they give a nice “high” and add excitement, the enjoyment we obtain from watching these movies demonstrates our innate nature to be evil.

Additionally, King uses vivid language to engage his audience even more. By saying phrases like “throwing…meat to the hungry alligators swimming…in the river beneath”, King is adamant to illustrate that we as humans are innately evil people. In addition to using vivid language like this, he writes in a grimacing tone. These tactics appeal to the reader’s pathos and make his or her believe that maybe what he is saying is true. The unrelenting tone, strong metaphors, and vivid language are highly response-evoking aspects in his writing. These three tactics make King’s audience unnerved about themselves. Stephen King is a successful author of contemporary suspense and horror stories. This is evidence enough for his audience to believe that he is a credible source for the article. Also, he uses other books, such as Dawn of The Dead and Die, Monster, Die! Through using ethos, pathos, and logos centered arguments, King make valid points regarding how the nature of humans actually is. He claims that humans are innately evil, yet live in a society where being civilized, proper, and humane are needed.

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