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Finishing and Submitting Project 3

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Finishing and submitting Project Three




Revising and Submitting Project Three



Finishing Project Three:


Your final draft of Project Three is due via e-mail before 11:59 PM, Monday, November 17. When revising your project, in addition to the usual editing and clarifying, as well as attending to the feedback you received from the rough draft workshop, you might find it useful to ask yourself the following questions about your project:


1. Have I performed an analysis of a genre in my project? Did I take up a recognizable genre and focus on its core constitutive features?


2. Did I identify the multiple audiences served by this genre and how they might use instances of that genre differently?


3. Did I then move beyond analysis and audience identification to actually critique the genre? Did I make evaluations (judgments) of its strengths and weaknesses in regards to the different audiences it serves? 


Your Reflection for Project Three:


Your reflection for Project Three should follow the same guidelines that we outlined for the reflection for Project Two. However, this time around, you will earn a staggering 10 points.


Although I was generally pleased with the reflections that were turned in with Project Two, I do have one word of advice for you in writing your reflection for Project Three: refer more specifically to the learning objectives (listed in our syllabus) in reflecting back on your Project.

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